This year, in my dedication to loving myself as thoroughly as I can, I will be my own Valentine for valentines day.

I’ve decided that I’m in a dedicated relationship with myself and I’m taken by me.

In the same way that in the past I’ve been committed to my girlfriends, I’m now committed to myself. I’m in a committed relationship with myself and I’m not taking any suitors.

In honor of this, this year I am my own valentine. I will be mine.

I’m going to dress up and look nice.

Get a haircut and a fresh shave.

I will buy myself a gift. I don’t know what it will be yet, I will surprise myself.

I will buy myself flowers and chocolate.

I will take myself on a date to a fancy restaurant I’ve never been to before.

I’m going to wine and dine myself. Woo myself.

At the end of the night, i’ll make love to myself. Kiss myself and please myself. Cuddle with myself afterwards.

Just me, myself, and I.

For those of us out there who are single this Valentines day, be your own Valentine. Take yourself out and love yourself thoroughly.

Happy Valentines day of Self Love.

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