What is the VERY FIRST thing that you do every morning when you wake up?

I’m talking immediately after you wake up. While you’re still in bed. That first moment of consciousness.

Do you wonder what time it is? Do you reach for your phone? Do you wonder if you should go back to bed? Is it the sound of your alarm clock?

I believe this is the most important moment of the day that we overlook. It happens so quickly, so suddenly, that it passes us by without us noticing it at all. Without taking advantage of it and using it to our benefit. 

In Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practices they encourage you to try and catch the first breath that happens. Is it an in-breath or an out breath? Can you notice the first breath of the day before your mind starts racing and thinking about what you have to do?

In Vipassana as taught by SN Goenka, he encourages you to try and find the first feeling that pops up – what feelings are flowing through you right when you wake up in the morning? Where is the strongest feeling located?

Despite my best efforts, both of these are pretty hard for me. Consciousness hasn’t grabbed my attention enough yet. 

So what do I do instead? I grab consciousness and pull it forward.

I feel my heartbeat.  

I put my hand on my heart so that I can feel it beating. I grab myself as if I’m giving myself a hug and I squeeze. I kiss myself on the shoulder. I mentally say to myself, “thank you for another day that I am alive” I smile. 

I’ve been doing this for the last few months and I find it to be very powerful. My days start off a lot better because of it. I’m more grateful throughout the day. 

I wont lie and say that I do this every day, but it is something that I do often. I’ll occasionally do it throughout the day as well.

There’s never a bad time to give yourself a hug and feel your heartbeat.

When was the last time you simply put your hand over your chest and felt it beat for about 5-10 seconds?

Give it a try for yourself and see what I mean. 

That’s it.

When you wake up in the morning put your hand over your heart, feel your heartbeat, give yourself a hug, thank the universe for giving you the opportunity to see another day. Smile. 

Enjoy 🙂 

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3 thoughts on “The first thing I do every morning to love myself

  1. Love it! I do it through out the day everyday
    Now I’m gonna do it 1st thing in the morning


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