Thank yourself more often

How often do you take the time to say “thank you” to yourself?

How often do you take the time to thank yourself for the small things you do but don’t give yourself credit for?

How often can you say to yourself – “Thank you for feeding me every day. Thank you for exercising me. Thank you for surrounding me with good people.”

After a day of work do you thank yourself for working hard? Thank yourself for bringing money in? Thank yourself for creating a good opportunity for yourself? Thank yourself for learning?

What about the small things that are easy to overlook like appreciating the fact that you showered or brushed your teeth, put on nice clothes, etc.?

What you appreciate, appreciates. What you focus your attention on multiplies. If you make a conscious effort to thank yourself for all of the small things, you develop a profound feeling of appreciation of yourself.

Even if you ate like crap, didn’t exercise, were distracted at work and were surrounded with frustrating people – do you have the ability to thank yourself in those moments too?

Do you have the maturity to say “thanks for eating like shit, thanks for the awareness that I know I ate like shit, thank you for knowing what I should do instead”

Even when we don’t like the decisions we made, we can thank ourselves all the same for the awareness of knowing what we should do instead.

Better yet even – what about thanking yourself for the habits you have consistently maintained over time like exercise and diet?

If you lost weight, do you thank yourself for your hard work and commitment? If you built some muscle or even went to the gym consistently do you thank yourself for the consistency?

Lastly (and most importantly) – If you got through a hard time in life do you thank yourself for your resiliency? Can you thank yourself for past negative experiences you have been through? Can you appreciate what you overcame?

Can we practice unconditional love and appreciation for ourselves? Can we learn to say “thank you” for everything that happens regardless of if we like it or not?

This week I challenge you to try and thank yourself more. Thank yourself at every turn and nook and cranny in the day. Thank yourself for everything you can – past, present, and future alike.

It’s a beautiful exercise in mindfulness, and when done consistently has powerful benefits. But don’t take it from me, try it for yourself.

May it help you in your journey and assist you in discovering the best you 🙂

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