How I implement self love in the shower every morning

“Feeling myself I don’t even need an x pill” – Jay Z

Let’s continue our journey of self love into another one of my favorite parts of my morning – the shower. 

How do you shower in the morning?

Are you a robot who mechanically puts soap on your body while thoughts race through your head?

I know I used to be. 

I was a very mindless shower-er. There wasn’t much intention behind it. Jump in, lather up, wash off, jump out. 

I believe that’s how most of us do it as well. 

But now – I shower like I’m on ecstasy 

Not sure if you’ve ever been on Molly or ecstasy, but it’s a drug that makes you FEEL amazing. Your sense of touch and feeling is heightened and amplified. A simple stroke of the arm feels like an orgasm rippling throughout your body. 

The few times I’ve taken it, I’ve spent a significant portion of my trip giving myself massages. Touching myself and feeling myself all over. Each time was a journey of feelings and sensual exploration.

On a similar tangent related to enhanced feelings it’s important to note that over the last few years I’ve been practicing Vipassana meditation. It’s a technique that focuses heavily on “body scans” – Scanning through each part of your body and feeling whatever sensations are there. 

During my 2nd Vipassana, I had the idea to apply the meditation technique of body scans in the shower. I applied the soap to my body mindfully, concentrating on the feelings of the soap as it touched each part of my body. Slowing down and focusing on the gentle touch of the soap and the feelings that it gave me. 

It was a wonderful experience. Very mindful. Very calming. 

Even when washing the soap off, I would rinse the soap off my body part by part, piece by piece. First my hand, then my forearm, then my upper arm, then shoulders, then the other arm, then my torso, then each leg, so on and so forth. Feeling the water touch each part of my body. 

I would do this with my eyes closed as well, focusing on the feeling above all else. 

Over time this has evolved into a full blown sensual massage for myself. I, quite literally, massage myself sensually in the shower. I shower like I’m on ecstasy.

I get weird too. I’ll moan and make noises. I’ll play with myself and get hard and then stop and feel that energy spread through the rest of my body. I turn myself on. I make love to myself in the shower.

It’s an act of wholly connecting to my body, my sensuality, and my sexuality. Feeling myself and appreciating my power within and my ability to feel.

When I dry off I do this too. I go slowly. Part by part. Piece by piece. Slowly, sensually, drying myself off with love.

Why do I do this? I personally find this to be a very powerful practice in self love. Appreciating myself, my feelings, and saying thank you to each and every part of my body at once. 

Seem weird? That’s because it is. But who gives a shit. It FEELS GREAT.

I like to do things that make me feel amazing. That make me feel in touch with my feelings.

This is one of those practices that anchors me to those feelings.

That’s it. The next time you take a shower, massage yourself all over, love yourself thoroughly.

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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