Getting lucky takes practice

Getting Lucky Takes Practice

"Gaining enlightenment is an accident. Spiritual practice simply makes us accident-prone.” - Suzuki Roshi There’s a famous story in the world of Zen Buddhism where the Zen master says to the student “Enlightenment is an accident.” To this the student stands up and yells in frustration, “Accident! You’re telling me that it’s all an accident?! If that’s … Continue reading Getting Lucky Takes Practice

How to not give a fuck

Training the “how to not give a fuck” muscle

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that meditation is actually a giant exercise in not giving a fuck. Instead of trying to clear your mind, meditation is actually all about how to give less fucks about the thoughts going through your head.  To watch a thought rise up, and have the ability to say “nah … Continue reading Training the “how to not give a fuck” muscle