I’ve recently come to the conclusion that meditation is actually a giant exercise in not giving a fuck.

Instead of trying to clear your mind, meditation is actually all about how to give less fucks about the thoughts going through your head. 

To watch a thought rise up, and have the ability to say “nah fuck that shit”, and then watch it pass away.

Thought about work? Fuck it!….back to the breath.

Thought about your ex? Fuck it!….back to the breath.

Thought about some shit you have to do tomorrow? Nope, fuck it!….back to the breath.

Better yet – Can’t focus at all with a fat case of the monkey mind? Fuck it…I don’t care let that shit wander!

Meditation trains us to be able to say “fuck it not worth it!” and then come back to whatever else we were originally doing.

Meditation trains us to prioritize what is most important, and say fuck it to everything else. 

It makes you realize “All I can do is control my reaction to all this other shit going on around me…and I don’t need to react to any of it. It’s not worth my energy.”

Over time we train our mind that we don’t give a fuck about the external environment. It gives us a sense of grounding from within that we can’t be fucked with.

If you have no fucks to give then you can’t be fucked with. 

Now the next time your phone rings, you can simply say fuck it!…and continue on with what you were doing.

App notification? Fuck it! Someone calls you an asshole for saying fuck it to everything? Fuck it!

Meditation teaches me how to be unfuckwithable. To have an impenetrable forcefield that repels all bullshit. To filter out the things that are not worthy of the small amount of fucks I do have to give.

Every time you watch a thought rise up and say “fuck it im gonna stay in the present” it’s another rep for the fuck it muscle.

So get out there and meditate and train your fuck it muscle. Or don’t. I don’t give a fuck 🙂

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