Today I want to share a simple hack for building positive habits into your life. A technique I call “Layering”.

No matter how crappy you are with habit formation, I promise that this one will work for you.

The premise is simple – start off with one positive habit, and then start layering other positive habits around the same habit.

For example let’s say that every morning you wake up and drink a glass of water. An already existing positive habit.

If you wanted to implement layering, you could add in ten deep breaths before or after the glass of water. Or maybe a prayer of gratitude. Or maybe some stretches in. Whatever your little heart desires 🙂

I personally find this is an easy way to implement habits into life in a no-pressure effortless way.

For example I’ve been meditating when I wake up for the last few years. About a year ago I added in a layer of stretching after I meditate. Then I added in a layer of journaling for a few minutes after that. Then it blends into my breakfast, where I layered reading with breakfast, and the day starts off on a good note.

If you have a time of day where you already have a strong and consistent habit, build around that habit.

If you have a great workout routine, try to add a layer to your workout where you do something new, like meditating after a workout.

If you already have a good cooking routine, try to add in a layer before you cook or after you eat, like a prayer of gratitude for your food or reading while eating instead of watching TV or scrolling through your phone.

Build habits into your existing routine instead of trying to find the space for something out of the ordinary.

Build meditation or audiobooks into your morning commute instead of trying to find 20 minutes of quiet time. Drink a glass of water every time you walk into the office. Do mental math when you need to go to the bathroom….you get the point 😛

Find the innocent moments where you can do small things that have a big ripple effect onto the rest of your days.

Layering is a simple way to build habits around your existing habits, instead of dealing with the inherent resistance of trying something new. It makes it easy to make your life dramatically better without making any big changes.

Big results. Little effort. Layering for a lusciously luxurious life 💋

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