(Disclaimer – This one is for the dudes. As you can tell by the title, I’m going to be talking about shaking your balls. If this isn’t your flavor and are easily offended by vulgar language, this probably isn’t for you) 😛

The purpose of this website here is largely for me to document my personal philosophies on life. To have a registry of my thoughts and ideas and how they have evolved over the years.

I feel that I’ve done a great job getting the majority of those onto paper. They are mostly all listed here somewhere on this website. From getting weird to non reactivity to meditation and more, a solid chunk of my core life philosophies on life are listed here.

Except one.

There’s one core philosophy of mine that I’ve realized I’ve never explicitly put down here. One core tenant of how I live my life and get the most out of it that has never been documented for the world to see.

And if you’ve ever spent time with me in person, if we’ve had some extended face to face time together, like you really know me and have hung out with me, you’ve probably heard me say this.

Well, not only say it, but encourage you to do it.

What is that life philosophy? That advice I have to the world?

Shake your balls.

Yep, you read that correctly. Take your balls, and shake em. Your nutsack. Your cojones. Suas bolas.

I don’t mean shake em with your hands. I mean shake em with some healthy pelvic thrusts. Some side to side action. Front to back. Jump up and down.

Dance around a bit and get those balls shaking!

Try it right now. Get up and shake your balls! I GUARANTEE it brings a smile to your face😉

It’s my go-to happiness, feel good, snap out of a bad mood or funk practice. It instantly helps me to connect with my silliness. Get goofy and let loose.

I encourage everyone I know to do it. Friends of mine all around the world will read this article and probably say to themselves, “yep, I remember Troy encouraging me to shake my balls!”

It’s my happiness practice that is more effective than meditation, slacklining, freestyle rapping, or anything else that I have come across in my lifetime.

But seriously. Let’s stop for a second. Why should one shake their balls?

Why should this be looked at as a habit akin to meditation or yoga or mindfulness or gratitude?

Well first and most obviously (at least to me) – It’s fun! It gets you in a good mood!

It’s a healthy way to connect with your body. A form of therapy to let loose and let go of some tension.

Aside from that – Your ability to get up and shake your balls with enthusiasm and joy is a sign of good mental health.

Good mental health!? Shaking your balls means that you are mentally stable and well?

Yes. And here’s why.

Let’s start with the question – Why might one NOT want to shake their balls?

Words like self inhibition, worry, shame, embarrassment come to mind.

We’re afraid of the judgement of others. Or even worse? We judge ourselves.

The reasons why you might be afraid of shaking your balls, why you might resist the idea, are actually symptoms of mental health issues.

If you’re not willing to shake your balls, it points in the direction that you are anxious, or insecure, or shameful, or worried about yourself and how others perceive you. Textbook mental health challenges.

So my rambling point here is that a little bit of ball shaking helps to let go of anxiety, shame, doubt, fear, and anxiety for a minute. Helps to connect with your “don’t give a fuck” muscle and express yourself freely, through your balls!

Last – Being a scientist at heart I wanted to be able to back this up with some evidence. Give some solid data around the benefits of ball shaking.

Turns out, I found some interesting research…

Did you know that shaking your balls increases circulation to the genitals and improves blood flow for better erections? That shaking your balls is shown to increase testosterone levels by 5% from just 4 sessions of 5 minutes a day? That shaking your balls was shown to improve sperm production?

Of course you didn’t! Because none of that is true. Don’t trust shit you read on the internet 😛

Don’t trust me either. I’m just a lunatic talking about the benefits of shaking your balls!

Try it for yourself. Put on some good music and get some healthy ball shaking happening. You won’t send me a video!!!! 😛 (and please if you do, have clothes on. If that part was ambiguous, you don’t need to take your clothes off to shake your balls).

Get out there and shake your balls. Your mind body and soul will thank you.

….Did you shake em yet?!

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