The Deliveryman Of Experiences

A few months back I had a friend of mine come and visit me in Brazil. He’s the guy who put me on the Slackline and now Highlines. Been very much so a mentor and sensei to me in this world.

It was an incredible time together. We rigged a variety of highlines here in Florianopolis and then in the Canyons afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. The word that comes to mind is fulfilling.

During that journey to the canyons together there was one moment in particular that hit me like a ton of bricks. One moment where an insight connected in my mind like never before. An insight of passion, purpose, fulfillment, and the meaning of life. It’s the moment and insight that led to me wanting to write this today.

While we were in the Canyons we set up one line where you were, quite literally, walking into a waterfall. Side B was leaving from the waterfall itself. Here’s a picture –

When he left the line he said “This was the most beautiful highline I’ve ever walked”. His smile was enormous. You could feel his amp, stoke, and excitement.

In that moment a wave of fulfillment flushed over me. Warming and delightful. Seeing him happy, made me happy! I was truly happy FOR him.

In that moment it dawned on me how much joy, happiness, and fulfillment I get from creating experiences for others. Not just creating the experience, but seeing how much they enjoy it. Seeing the smile and excitement from someone afterwards.

When I look back on my life, creating life changing experiences for other people has been a common theme of many of my happiest memories.

In that moment the phrase “Entregador do Experiencias” came into my mind.

Translation? The deliveryman of experiences.

(I like the way that sounds better though in Portuguese though. Entregador. Sounds badass.)

This idea of the deliveryman of experiences is something that genuinely resonates with me. It’s where many of my most powerful memories come from. Literally DELIVERING someone to an experience.

Hindsight 2020. Everything became clear. All of my most impactful and fulfilling moments made sense.

One by one I could go back through my life in chronological order and see the trend. Here are some examples….

The first one that comes to mind is while I was studying at the University of Arizona. During my senior year one of my closest childhood friends decided that he wanted to get the fuck out of New Jersey and come live with me in Arizona for a few months during the summer.

Those short few months he stayed with me ended up being probably the happiest I have ever seen him. The thought of him sitting on the island in the swimming pool (something he did religiously nearly ever day), still brings a smile to my face. We went to Electric Daisy Carnival and dressed up like maniacs – again that was probably the happiest I had ever seen him.

When I look back on that time I realize that I gained a lot of joy, happiness, and fulfillment from seeing how much he enjoyed that experience. I know that till this day, that’s probably up there with the best experiences of his life…and that is a gift that keeps on giving. Something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy even as I write this.

The next one I think back to is teaching English in South Korea.

If I’m honest, I didn’t really care about if my students learned English or not. They had the rest of their lives to learn how to speak it.

No, I didn’t care about learning, I cared about EXPERIENCES. I wanted to make a classroom that was unforgettable.

Looking back on that time it’s no surprise to me why I had dance parties, allowed them to do Kung Fu celebrations, and my classroom was referred to as “Crazy Island.”

Those kids had a lot of fucking fun with me. And I got a hell of a lot of satisfaction knowing I was the one who created those experiences for them.

After that? Flash forward a few years and I was living in Bangalore, India. I was working for a rapidly growing startup with two founders from Harvard who just raised Series A funding and had investors like Larry Summers.

Here I was, living in a different country working for a venture backed startup – and friends in the international travel space kept asking me – how did you do that? Can you help me do the same?

It dawned on me that in the world of living and working abroad, the only options were to teach English or volunteer (this was before being a digital nomad really blew up). Work in a role that is good for your future career success while making some good coin traveling? Few and far between.

So I started a business that helped people do exactly this – Find a job outside of your home country working for a startup. I called it BrainGain. In my first year I brought 20 recent college graduates from top universities to work in Bangalore, India.

To this day that time running BrainGain is hands down the most fulfilling time of my life. The time of my life where I learned and grew the most. Where I grew in dog years.

It’s pretty unbelievable when I look back on it. I convinced people who could have gotten high paying jobs straight out of school to instead come and work with a startup in fucking Bangalore, India. (No wonder I’m in sales now 😛 )

How did I do that? I sold the EXPERIENCE. I sold the experience of traveling and working. I sold the story of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. I sold the opportunity to develop your career. I sold the experience of a lifetime.

And Bangalore? That place is a fucking experience and a half!

Guess what – I delivered on my promises. I created incredible experiences for the people that I brought there.

I still remember going to the airport to pick them up. Giving them their first masala dosas and rickshaw rides. Explaining the various paradoxical idiosyncrasies of India.

Then seeing how they evolved over the months. How they got comfortable. How they excelled in their roles and how their employers were happy with their performance.

There’s one experience in particular that stands out to me. One night there was a birthday party and all of the people I had brought to Bangalore were there. All of them enjoying themselves partying and drinking.

I felt like a proud father in that moment. I was so satisfied seeing the impact that I had made on their lives. How I opened up a door for them they never knew existed, and then through walking through that on their own volition, they changed their lives and created peak moments that will forever stick with them.

I can confidently say that for the majority of people I brought there, that time in Bangalore (or Malaysia and many of the other countries I sent people to), was a pivotal life shifting never forget type of experience.

I’m super proud of that. I’m fulfilled by that. I get a lot of happiness and meaning knowing that I facilitated that type of life changing experience for people.

Then the next one that comes to mind is Vipassana Meditation.

While I lived in India I did a 10 day silent meditation retreat, known as Vipassana.

When I came back from that experience, naturally I told everyone about it.

Over the years I’ve now gotten at least 10 people to sit their first Vipassana. Through my blogs and writing perhaps even more.

Anyone who has ever sat for those 10 days knows you won’t leave that place the same individual. It’s a life changing experience.

I get a hell of a lot of fulfillment and joy knowing that I was the catalyst for getting them to follow through on a 10 day retreat.

Fast forward another few years, I came into contact with a plant medicine by the name of Ayahuasca.

In one of these ceremonies I had the vision that I was a farmer planting seeds. Momma Ayahuasca was conversing with me telling me to plant seeds. To bring people to the medicine who can benefit from it.

My mission and purpose in this world of Ayahuasca is to write about my experiences and put into words what other people might not be able to, and in doing that help people to connect with the medicine. Through my writings I believe that I have been able to connect a lot of people to life changing experiences with Momma Aya – and I’m insanely grateful and fulfilled by that.

I’ve also personally delivered a variety of people to the medicine and sat with them. Seeing their experiences on the medicine was again – insanely fulfilling.

Another one that comes to mind? (While I’m brain dumping this all!) – In between BrainGain and my current role, I worked remotely with an electronic signature company, and worked from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During that time one of my childhood best friends came and visited me. We had a blast together.

For some context here – Let’s just say that over the years he hadn’t taken the best care of himself, gained some weight, and lost a lot of the mojo he previously had in life.

When he came to Brazil, I like to think that he reconnected the fuck out of that Mojo. He found his swag again.

It was fucking amazing to see him get that swag back. It was incredible to see how much fun he had. How it was an experience he will never forget.

Again an insanely fulfilling moment for me.

Now this also takes us to the present day and my role at the Flow Research Collective.

What have I done all day for the last three years?

Have conversations with people that get them to take action on building the life they envision for themselves. Get people into flow state. Get people to have life changing experiences.

My work is very fulfilling. I deliver people to tools that they can use to get themselves into a flow state. Get in the zone and lose track of time doing something that you love. It’s insanely rewarding being able to deliver this type of experience for people!

Add another layer on top, I especially love that I get to connect with people after they have been through the training. I get to hear from people first hand how they improved their health, got time back on their schedule for what is most important, and got clarity overall on what is most important to them.

All of these are very gratifying to see. To see that people have made meaningful changes in their lives and now they are happier as a result of it. It’s why I love my work and what I do.

Pulling on some more threads, this conversation isn’t complete if I don’t talk about slacklines and highlines!

Since I’ve started I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of beginners and putting people on their first Highline. It’s always insanely fulfilling to see someone have their first experience, and then over time watching them evolve.

Again, it’s life changing. I get arguably more joy from seeing my friends evolve than I do from watching my own evolution.

And then how can I touch on all of this without mentioning my writing!

Yes, I largely write this shit for me. I find it therapeutic.

But I also get a lot of fulfillment knowing that people read my brain vomit – and that more importantly it gets people to think differently about their life and make meaningful changes for themselves. That’s very fulfilling to me. I’m delivering you to a written experience. Opening up the doors of your mind and delivering you to insights.

Some good lifelong evidence here, eh?!

I am the Entregador. From traveling to meditation to business to plant medicines and more, so many of my happiest moments in life are when I created experiences for others that changed their lives.

To be the entregador is my mission in life. To deliver people to life changing experiences.

This lens helps me to design life in a way that becomes inherently fulfilling. This lens helps me to continue to build a life of meaning and purpose.

The Entregador is an insight that helps me to seek out more experiences that will give me fulfillment. Gives me a reason to double down on helping open those doors for other people. To anchor myself to the joy and fulfillment I know will be coming in the future as a result of having executed on that goal.

Things like helping people to connect with traveling, with Vipassana, with Ayahuasca, with Flow – how can I open doors to those experiences? Deliver more people to those experiences?

The more I do that, the more I create experiences that will change peoples lives and make them happy, which then makes me happy, which then creates a long happy life of meaning and fulfillment!

Sounds like a good plan to me!

I’ll be honest as well, this is just a thread that I wanted to pull on for writing. It’s just a fun insight to arrive at and think about. It’s one of those realizations that just dawns on you like a ton of bricks. A true “aha!” moment. It’s been fun to write this one.

In my journey of documenting my thoughts, ideas, and life philosophies, this one fit’s nicely in here. A nice summation of my life’s purpose and meaning….or I can say the purpose and meaning I want to build as a result of that insight.

So yea, I guess this is an overly long winded explanation in my explorations of passion, purpose and meaning. That when I looked back on my life, creating life changing experiences for others were the experiences that give me the most happiness and fulfillment.

Thus, eu sou o entregador do experiencias, e to aqui pronto pra ajuda voce no caminho!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you want a delivery 😉

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  1. Amazing brother! You can be sure you have delivered me some amazing experiências! Just to watch you laughing during that ceremony at the beach was delightful

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