I like the concept of “dance like no one is watching”

When no one is watching, we’re more free to express ourselves. We don’t worry about judgement. We can let loose. Be more authentic. Be our true selves.

I think that this concept applies to many aspects of life.

You can speak like no one is watching – speak your truth! Speak what is on your mind in its raw unfiltered form. Let it out as candidly as you can in as many ways as you can express! Don’t filter yourself to the audience, no, let it fly in all it’s glory. This applies to writing too.

You can work like no one is watching – when someone watches over our work we’re more afraid to make mistakes, and thus we’re uptight and usually make more mistakes. When I don’t think anyone is watching, when I can work for long stretches of time being uninterrupted, that’s when I can get my best work done!

You can have sex like no one is watching!!! –  Many people struggle with being self-conscious in the bedroom. They are aware of, and worried about, how they look while they perform. Afraid they look skinny or fat or look awkward in some way. I say fuck like no one is watching! Get down in the strangest of ways that you know how to. Let it all loose. No judgement. You and your partner. 

Ultimately, you could really do _________  like no one is watching.

That’s why I believe we should LIVE like no one is watching.

Live free from the judgements of others. Do what you want to do as if you didn’t have to answer to anyone. Spend your time doing the things you want to be doing. Talk, walk, do and be YOU. Authentically and truly.

But unfortunately, today we live in a very judgmental society. A society that is quick to throw labels on people and place them into buckets. 

When we see authenticity it’s often attacked, criticized, and hated on in some way or another. 

That’s why many of us hide our uniqueness from the world. In fear of the judgements and opinions of other people, we retreat and do these things in private for no one else to see.

We live two separate lives where we are one person in private and another in public.

I say fuck that duplicitous nonsense. 

I say be exactly who you are. I say be your SINGULAR self and be consistent across all areas of life. Regardless of what you’re DOING, you can always BE authentically you. 

That’s why I say you should live like no one is watching – because the reality is WHO GIVES A SHIT IF THEY ARE!!!

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