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50 Ways to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is hard work. Takes commitment. It’s uncomfortable. Requires swallowing the bitter medicine. Especially for men, the concept of self love does not come naturally to us. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, we can still learn it. We can work on, and get better at, loving ourselves.  To help you on your journey, I created … Continue reading 50 Ways to Love Yourself

The effects vs. the power of psychedelic plant medicines

I recently had the opportunity to partake in a 4-day shamanic ceremony in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This article is part of the larger story, if you would like to read the full version that includes discovering my spirit animal and Ayahuasca, you can do so here. Context: A lot of people take  psychedelic substances because they want to "trip". They want to have some funky visions, think a bit differently, and have a fun experience they can tell their friends about. The same  can be said about many people who … Continue reading The effects vs. the power of psychedelic plant medicines