Weird science and the power of the mind

The human brain is crazy powerful. We can convince ourselves of and do, quite literally, anything. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions all (potentially) have the ability to influence outcomes beyond our wildest imaginations. The mind has an ability to take over in areas that we still don’t quite understand….but it’s fun trying to 🙂 For example, … Continue reading Weird science and the power of the mind

How to become a better listener

I’m a horrible listener. Like truly horrible. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, you’ve probably noticed what I like to call “Squirrel Syndrome”. You said something that had the effect of a dog seeing a squirrel and then running off to chase it. That’s what happens in my mind when someone gives me … Continue reading How to become a better listener

Cut yourself some slack

Cut yourself some slack

For the last few years I’ve experimented a lot on myself. I’ve experimented with diets, exercise routines, work schedules, creative scheduling, you name it. When it comes to improving my life in small ways, I’ve become very disciplined with implementing new habits. I’m also proud to say that I have had fantastic results and these … Continue reading Cut yourself some slack