Would you describe yourself as fun? Would you describe yourself as enthusiastic, or energetic? Would you want to hang out with yourself?

I believe that this is an important question to ask ourselves. More importantly, it’s a mindset we need to embrace in our daily lives. To actively try and be a fun person.

Many of us can be happy and fun around other people, but what about when you’re alone in your room? Do you have fun with yourself? Play with yourself? Can you get weird?

When I’m alone, I make weird voices. I chant in made up languages. I dance and move in weird ways. I shake my face around and make gargling noises.

I embrace my inner nutcase. 😀

The most important relationship we have in life is the relationship we have with ourselves. Your ability to have fun with yourself is a direct representation of your relationship with yourself.

If you can’t have fun on your own, you’re probably not that fun of a person to be around. If you’re a boring person with no interests, you’re probably a boring person to hang out with.

I meet so many people who are afraid of embracing their crazy. They would rather be boring and vanilla than be perceived as weird or strange.

“I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun.” – Billy Joel

If you’re not able to embrace your inner child and get weird, you’re probably not fun to hang out with. I probably wouldn’t want to be your friend.

If you feel awkward getting weird when you’re all alone with nobody to judge you, you’re probably holding onto subconscious fears.

I love hanging out with little children for this reason. It helps me to tap into my own inner child. When I hang out with a 7 year old, I put myself into the mind of a 7 year old so that I’m on their level. I become 7 years old and we have a blast running around like monsters.

Imagine the most fun version of yourself, and then go embrace it! Flail your arms around. Dance. Sing. Laugh out loud. Invent games. Invent conversation topics. Strive to be the most fun version of yourself that you can be. 

Fun is a prerequisite for happiness. Cultivate fun and enjoyment in your life for lasting happiness 🙂

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