It’s not where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, or what you’ve tried that makes traveling so special.

It’s not the visiting of famous tourist destinations and crossing countries off the passport bucket list.

It’s the people you meet that make traveling so special.

It’s the conversations you have. The relationships you build.

The exposure to new ways of thinking and living. The experiences you share.

This is the greatest thing I’ve experienced traveling.

When I lived in Argentina I had a family of friends who were studying abroad with me. Many of them are still my closest friends on the planet.

Best part of traveling is people you meet

My best friend and co-teacher in South Korea eventually became my co-founder and is my best friend to this day.

Traveling Best Friends

My friend I met when I was 20 in Argentina introduced me to his childhood best friend, who brought me to India at 24, who then helped me meet with the original friend again in Brazil at 28.

Life moves in amazing ways when you connect with people all around the globe.

It’s also about the small relationships. The quick blasts of time you spend with people.

I love when I spend 3-7 days with someone and then feel like they are my family.

Recently when I traveled to Bahia, Brazil I met a girl at the bus station and a group of three guys at my hostel.

I traveled with them every day while there and still keep in contact with them.

Traveling Meeting Friends Brazil Troy

Thank you to all the beautiful, fantastic, wonderful, loving, caring people I have met throughout the last few years, you are all amazing 🙂

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