One of the things that I don’t like about social media and the digital age we live in is that it has created this idea that if you create something, you need to release it to the world. You have to SHARE it. Publish it. Get it out there.

And what happens as a result of this? We avoid the act of creation out of release anxiety. We get stuck in the creation process because we get wrapped up in what other people will think or how we might look or be perceived. Those questions of self doubt and self worth creep in making you feel both the pressure to post something while simultaneously being scared of doing that very act.

We feel the desire to create but avoid it because of the fear of how that very art will be received. At odds with ourselves and our creative urges of self expression.

But what if we could let go of the release entirely? What if we could create for the sake of creation. Create with the intention to specifically NOT release it to the world. Creating with the intention to keep it to yourself.

Write something down because it feels good to get the thoughts down on the page – who care if you show it to someone?!?

Draw a picture/doodle/paint/color not to show it to other people, but because it’s fun!

Cook a delicious meal for yourself not to share with people what you cooked and how you cooked it, but for the process of enjoying making a great meal for yourself.

Create music sing dance and make weird noises not so that you can build a following around your music – but because music makes you dance and brings a smile to your face!

For this reason nearly everything I’ve created during the quarantine I’ve kept to myself. I haven’t released any of it. I’m creating for the pure act of creation and expression and I don’t need the validation of the outside world to make that work worthwhile. It’s led to a more pure expression.

I encourage you to do the same. To connect with the pure art of creation and expression. To create with the specific intention of NOT releasing it. Producing something that no one will ever see.

Watch how the expression becomes more pure as well. Less filtered. More authentic. More genuine.

Think of what you would write in your personal journal vs what you would share online. Completely changes the way you will write it and the amount of information you include.

When we share we filter it down. Turn up the things that we think people will like and turn down or avoid the things people won’t. When we produce for ourselves those same thoughts don’t enter into the picture. If anything, you feel more encouraged to explore the places you normally won’t out of fear of judgement of others.

This is the true creative process. Coming up with ideas and creating and asking yourself later on if it’s something that other people will like.

This is what I encourage you to do for yourself as well. Take some time to create for the sake of creation. To build something that’s shitty and sucks because it was fun. To sit down with a pen and paper and doodle not because you hope to create something “good” but because it’s enjoyable. Go run some experiments for yourself and let me know how you enjoyed 🙂

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